Thursday, January 17, 2013

littel update

Okay okay it has been a long time since I have been on here....there has been alot that has happened...some good, bad and just not okay.... the not okay was that I have lost a few really wonderful men in my life. My wonderfully sweet grandfather ended his ride here on this earth after fighting hard...May 07,2012 was one of the hardest days so far in my life....I will never be the same, I miss you every single day grandpa! I wish that Trevor and our future children would have the wonderful honor of meeting and spending many wonderful moments with you. I guess I will have to be okay with you watching over us instead.  
  I was blessed to meet Trevor just a few weeks after grandpa passed away, and with conversations with him before his passing, I think grandpa may have had his hand in my meeting trevor. Trevor is one of the sweetest men I have ever been pleasured with meeting. Trevor and I have been dating since we met in may and things are going along great.
  My family has had there ups and downs, just like everyone, and have been able to see the whole circle of life. From the elderly passing away, to new ones being born.
  My job has been very stressful and frustrating...I feel like I am stuck back in high school and everything is a popularity contest and I am on the losing end.  I have been able to see a very big variety of medical issues and procedures in the ER and been able to help a few lives be saved, but now I am ready for something new. Just not sure what that is yet. 
  okay so that is just a small jist of what has been going on lately and I hope to update again soon. Hope you all are doing well. Love you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

soapbox....hope you don't get offended....

For the last few months I have been going round think things dont matter....You know what? Things do matter. I am in a position to where I can help people get better from some of their situations and I see things that frustrate me to the core! I feel like I have a good heart and a good understanding of how people work, what they may need...emotionally or physically...anyway I feel like I give people a level of understand that they think they that cocky or whatever..... Anyway I have seen lots, especially within the last few months, that have frustrated me to the core! I love people and want to help people become the best that they can be...(kinda like the army :) ) but it makes me so frustrated when I try as hard as I can to help that person and all they do is sit and complain that the 'world/government' hasn't done enough for them. Me, personally, work my butt off at a job that pays not near enough for the things I do and have to deal with (emotionally and physically) and still have a hard time making it on my own...I can't have all the things that I want ( own apartment, enough money for a new car, a phone that doesn't die every few hours, enough money to survive on....etc...) but still I work my butt off, picking up extra shifts every week, working myself stupid/weird schedules just so I can make ends me. And then I see people that I know and people that I meet that have a brand new car, 2 Iphones and Itouch 'stuff' and LIVING off the government....and you know what those people tell me???! That they aren't getting ENOUGH from the government and they have to do without! It makes me so frustrated that people here in the 'wonderful' United States of America can be so freakin selfish and DISHONEST about their lifes! What kind of society have we become!!??? There are people in this world that don't have clothes, food, or even a freaking roof over their head to protect them from the REAL evils of the world. What do you think it says about us?! Do you even realize what that says?!!! NO wonder why people think that AMERICANS are jerks and that we think we are so 'above the law'. Good heaven people!!!!! I know that it is human nature to want more and to want the best, of course I want more than what I have and can afford...but WHY, in all that is freaking holy, can't you see that you NEED to live within your means?!! That means PAY YOUR BILLS FIRST!!!! You need to think of what you NEED not of what you want! It breaks my heart to know so many amazing friends of mine will go without getting clothes, food, schooling of any kind this year...and some other people that I know will leach off the government to say 'help me....I don't have enough because I can't get an iphone....' . I have been increasingly sad for the past few months as I have seen things like this day in and day out. I know this is just a 'standying on my soap box' but please, PLEASE don't forget about what is really the good things about life. Those things are the little things...Like my little niece that said my name for the first time and ran to give me a hug at age 2 (made me feel like I was missed so much), the smiles that your grandparents give you when you haven't seen them in a few weeks, the words of thanks that you get for cleaning a family members house, making cookies for a friend when they had a bad day, telling a co-worker that they helped you out and that you are extremely appreciative of what they did.......etc.... why can't we seem to have a happiness of the simple things in life? This I am still learning myself.

Okay I am sorry...I will stop my mid-morning ramblings...I sincerely hope that each one of you have a fantastic day and you live it to the fullest...You Deserve it...Don't Forget that!!!!

~Love Ash

Saturday, February 25, 2012

my first day attempting this move. I love it because you can see my butt jiggle hehe it is awesome! Wait for more video down the line of it getting better and me getting stronger! I can't wait!

Where is Ashlee??

Thursday, February 9, 2012

some of my tricks

my abs after 2 months

budda sit into a pretzel

twisted grip extended butterfly

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

this is charlee doing an awesome move that i am learning how to do.

this is in our be bendy class..just a flexibility class that i love. i took this picture when i was in that position myself :)

me finding my balance

the silks before anyone is in them...I thought it was a cool photo

Upside down

Aerial Hammock